Appendix A

L-studio menu commands

At the top of the L-studio window is the L-studio menu bar. When no object has been opened, it has four menus:

Object Preferences Tools Help L-studio menu bar

With an object open, two more menus are added:

Object Cpfg / Lpfg Preferences Tools Window Help L-studio menu bar

In addition, when an object has been opened, more commands are available in the Object and Tools menus.


New Open Save Save as Make extension Position in the browser Create a demo file Write to lab table Read from lab table Show lab table Close Exit Object menu

The Object menu has the following options:

Cpfg / Lpfg

Go! Kill Continuous modeling New model New L-system New homomorphism New view New projection New render New animate Rerun Cpfg menu

The Cpfg/Lpfg menu is only present when an object has been opened. The menu title depends on the current object: if the current object uses cpfg, the title is Cpfg; if it uses lpfg, the title is Lpfg. The menus are otherwise identical.


Preferences menu

The Preferences menu is discussed completely in the section Configuring L-studio.


Tools menu

The Tools menu lets you access some peripheral programs, including the object browser.


Tile Horizontally Tile Vertically Cascade Close all List of objects Window menu

The Window menu has commands for changing the display of L-studio's object windows.


Help menu

The Help menu's commands show all of the manuals in the Help directory: