Saving objects

An object can be saved either by overwriting its previous version or by creating a new L-studio object. To overwrite the previous version, select Save from the Object menu. To create a new version, select Save as from the Object menu. You will be prompted to name the new version:

Save as dialog box

The new version will be saved as a directory with the given name, and it will include all files on the lab table except for:

If the object was opened with the browser, the command Make extension is available on the Object menu. It will save the object in a new directory within the original version's directory. (This convention follow the prototype-extension paradigm which is used in the design of the browser. More information can be found in the vlab documentation.) The dialog box also provides a checkbox labeled Move to new object.

Move to new object dialog

In its default state, the current object will not be changed: if you have been editing object "Parent", and make an extension called "Child" without checking the Move to new object box, L-studio will keep editing "Parent". If the box is checked when saving "Child", L-studio will now be editing "Child". This latter is the standard behaviour of the Save As command in other applications.