Configuring L-studio

The Preferences menu has the following entries:

Save to... Load from... General Current editor Preferences menu

The last file you saved your configuration to, or loaded it from, is the default configuration file; it will be loaded automatically every time you run L-studio. When you run L-studio for the first time on a machine, or if the last used configuration file cannot be read, L-studio will use the file lstudio.cfg in the L-studio installation. If this file cannot be read, the default configuration values (the same as the ones in the default lstudio.cfg) will be used.

Note: If you change the default L-studio configuration, it is recommended that you save it to a location outside the L-studio installation, such as My Documents. This ensures that if you upgrade to a later version of L-studio, your configuration file will not be overwritten.

Other configuration options

There are other options which can be changed, but not through the Options menu. To modify these options you will need to manually edit your L-studio configuration file. The file has the form:

label1: [values]
label2: [values]

These other options use the labels:

Warn gallery delete: [on | off]
Specifies whether a warning is given when deleting or resetting a component from a gallery. Defaults to on.
Ignored files: file1 file2 ...
Specifies globally ignored files. Performs the same function globally as the LSSpecifications option ignore does for a particular model. It is useful, for instance, when working with lpfg models, which share a large set of ignored files.
Tab font size: size
Specifies the size of the font used for the labels of L-studio's tabs. If the tabs are displayed with icons only, then this command will have no effect.

Configuring the browser

Currently, there is no GUI support for manipulating browser preferences; these options must be changed by modifying the L-studio configuration file. The labels which are used by the browser are:

cr-lf: [extensions or filenames]

Specifies the files which need to be translated when transferring to or from an RA server. (See the box above regarding text files.) The values are space-separated names and are treated as both extensions and filenames. So, for example, if the option line reads:

cr-lf: txt

the browser will translate all files named *.txt, as well as a file named txt.

Browser logon: host [oofs-root [user [password]]]]
Specifies the default contents of the browser connect dialog box for remote connections. The password is optional.
Browser icon width: width
Specifies the desired width of the icons displayed in the browser window in pixels.
Browser font: "fontname" size
Specifies the font which should be used in the browser.
Browser background: red green blue
Specifies the browser's background color. red, green, and blue are between 0 (no color) and 255 (full color); thus, a black background is specified by Browser background: 0 0 0, and a white background by Browser background: 255 255 255.