Improving the Process of Plant Modeling: The L+C Modeling Language

Radoslaw Karwowski


In this thesis I present the modeling language L+C. L+C is a language based on the formalism of L-systems. It has been created to address the need for a formalism that would allow the expression of complex plant models. Current plant models require the components of the model (organs or cells) to include many parameters to describe the state of the model. Also the need to express complex calculations has been addressed.

Signal propagation has been traditionally expressed using context-sensitive L-systems. L+C extends the formalism of L-systems by introducing new concepts: derivation direction and new context. These two concepts are the foundation of a new method of propagating signals in plant models: fast information transfer. Fast information transfer is an alternative, faster method of propagating signals in linear and branching structures represented by L- system strings.

The L+C modeling language is implemented in a plant modeling program lpfg, which together with cpfg (another L-system-based modeling program developed at the University of Calgary) are the core part of the modeling environment L-studio.


Radoslaw Karwowski. Improving the Process of Plant Modeling: The L+C Modeling Language. Ph.D. dissertation, University of Calgary, September 2002.

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