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The 2007 meeting was the 5th edition in the FSPM series.

  • The first workshop took place in Helsinki, Finland, in December, 1996. It focused on the modeling of the distribution of growth within an individual tree, and the mathematical description and measurement of three-dimensional tree structure. See the special issue of Silva Fennica, vol 31, number 3.
  • The second workshop, with the same scientific profile, was held in Clermont-Ferrand, France, in October, 1998. See the special issue of Annals of Forest Science, vol. 57, number 5/6.
  • The third workshop was held in Montreal, Canada, in September, 2001. It broadened the scope of the series to include models of tree stand structure and function.
  • The fourth workshop took place in Montpellier, France, in June, 2004. Its scope was further broadened to include all types of plants (woody and herbaceous), and functional-structural plant models operating at the molecular level. The workshop attracted over 170 participants from all over the world. For a record of this meeting, including full proceedings, see http://amap.cirad.fr/workshop/FSPM04/index.html, as well as the special issue of New Phytologist, vol 166, number 3.