Visualization of the Development of Multicellular Structures

F. David Fracchia1, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz1, Martin J. M. de Boer2
1 University of Regina
2 University of Utrecht


This paper presents a simulation-based method for visualizing the development of multicellular structures in two and three dimensions. The neighborhood relations between the cells are determined by a simulated developmental process, expressed using the formalism of map L-systems and its extension, cellwork L-systems. The cell shapes result from mechanical cell interactions. Two types of forces are considered: the osmotic pressure within cells, and the tension of cell walls. The method is illustrated using examples based on biological data.


F. David Fracchia, Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz, and Martin J. M. de Boer. Visualization of the Development of Multicellular Structures. In Proceedings of Graphics Interface 1990, pp. 267-276, 1990.

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