Applications of Euclidean constructions to computer graphics

Norma Fuller and Przemyslaw Prusinkiewicz


This paper presents an interactive graphics system called L.E.G.O. The purpose of L.E.G.O. is to model two and three-dimensional objects using Euclidean geometry constructions. L.E.G.O. has a layered structure which makes it convenient to use, both for the experienced programmer and the novice. The programs may be written in a compiled language (C), written interactively in an interpreted language (LISP) or developed using a graphical interface in a multiple-window environment. Applications of L.E.G.O. include computer-assisted instruction of geometry and computer graphics, geometric modeling, and kinematic analysis. The use of imperative constructions and the powerful interface based on the idea of graphical programming are the most distinctive features of the system.


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